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Count Down to the End
By Vicki 2005

He could hardly believe it, it was just days before their wedding and suddenly she was telling him things were over. He didn’t understand what had happened or even what had gone wrong. Jason Sanders was the average guy he barely even noticed that she had even paid him much attention but Danielle Sanchez did, and for that they’d fallen in love and were about to be married. But suddenly things had changed and she had called it off. He didn’t understand what had gone wrong. For almost an hour he’d been sitting there at the table holding the 9mm gun and looking at the over turned picture.
“ I thought things would be easier.” He whispered as he ran his fingers over the gun he held. He thought ending his life would be easier because she had already torn out his heart.
“ Just pick up the gun and be done with it. But I guess I am a coward.” Jason said to himself again. He still didn’t understand why she’d left him, she’d told him but yet things didn’t add up. He looked around his once beautiful apartment, just a short time before he’d taken a baseball bat to everything and now it looked like a war zone. Like someone had come in and robbed them. Someone had, they’d robbed him of the woman he loved.
“ I love her.” He whispered speaking what his mind was already thinking. He wondered what she’d say if she found him dead in the apartment, would she be sad? Would she care at all? He remembered how they’d met in school.

Jason Sanders wasn’t the most popular guy in school but he wasn’t the least popular either. People knew who he was and most said hi while he was walking down the hallways to class. But it was one day in the hall during his sophomore year that he noticed her. Danielle Sanchez was new to the school and seemed to have gotten everyone’s attention right away. She was beautiful, long dark hair, a beautiful tan and the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. He could have sworn he could have gotten lost in them just by looking at her. He wanted to meet her, wanted to talk to her. But somewhere inside of him he was shy.
He remembered their first date, their first kiss even the night he proposed over the candle light dinner. Everything seemed perfect for them. Until just today. Today seemed to be the worst day of his life. Everything had gone wrong.

He could clearly see her standing there, tears filled her eyes as she looked at him.
“ I’m sorry I can’t marry you.” She said as she handed him the ring. He looked down at the ring and then back up at her.
“ What?” He asked, disbelief filled his voice.
“ I just can’t.” She said grabbing her purse and leaving the apartment. That’s when he sat down and thought about it. He wasn’t sure what he’d done wrong but things had taken a strange turn. Things hadn’t been the way they should have. Things had gone wrong.